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The new summer collection is in store!

Business wear

Hope Special Sizes offers a big variety of business and formal wear for the modern man. We offer suits, trousers and other business accessoires with a huge range of sizes.

Casual wear

Not only for the business customers do we offer clothes, but we also offer a lot of casual clothing lines. Hope Special Sizes has casual and modern T-Shirts, shorts, polo’s, jeans and other clothes to make you feel comfortable. We are looking forward to help you with the casual clothes.

Want to come by?

Do you have any questions concerning our collection? Or do you want to know which products or items are in stock? Call us at +31 (0)20-6274913 and we will help you!

Hope Special Sizes
Prinsengracht 182 WK
1016 HB Amsterdam
Phone: 020-6274913
E-mail: info@hopespecialsizes.nl